Arts & Cultures 2008 – #9


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Antiquity, Africa, Oceania, Asia, Americas

Annual magazine.

360 pages, 260 color and black & white illustrations, 8 maps.

Edited by Somogy


Laurence Mattet    Editorial

Nicolas Ducimetière    Magical Practices in Pharaonic Egypt A Protective Amulet of the Dwarf-God Patek

Caterina Magni    Olmec Writing The Cascajal “Block”—New Perspectives

Guy Joussemet       The Olmec Phallus

 Margaret Young Sanchez     Notes on an Unusual Olmec Phallic Sculpture

Monique Barbier-Mueller, Irène de Charrière, John Picton, Hermione Waterfield     Meeting William Fagg

Gerardo A. Ramírez  Hernández, Esmeralda Reynoso Camacho     The Skin of Teotihuacan

Boris Wastiau    Boxes “For Keeping Things”

Sophie Goedefroit   To the Glory of the Ancestors

Jacques Lombard   A Study of Sakalava Funeral Art

Floriane Morin    Skills in the Palms of their Hands – Contemporary Pottery in Burkina Faso

Réginald Groux    My Kamer Years (1969–1972)

Hermione Waterfield   Interview Steven Hooper

Guigone Camus   The Art and History of Wuvulu and the Kaniet-Sae Islands: Illustrations of Cultural Diversity in Paramicronesia

Nigel Barley      My sociological Year

Anne-Marie Bouttiaux    Probing Art with CT Scans

Marc Ghysels    A New Look at Two Masterpieces from Central Africa

Olivier Langevin   Reviewing An Important Issue: The Reliability of Dating Analyses by Radiocarbon (Wood) and Thermoluminescence (Terracotta)

Laurence Mattet   Museum’s Activities

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller   CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS

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