Arts & Cultures 2009 – #10


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Antiquity, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Americas

Annual magazine. Anthology of Non-Western arts, texts by various specialists.

336 pages, 200 colour and B/W illustrations, 11 maps.

Published by Musée Barbier-Mueller and Somogy Editions d’art.

Distributed by National Book Network (NBN).


Laurence Mattet Editorial

Laurence Mattet Ousmane Sow Interviewed

Pierre Amiet Oriental Antiquity: Problems and Hypotheses

Véronique Schiltz A Caucasian Bronze Openwork Plaque

Consuelo Varela and Juan Gil Christopher Columbus’s Interpreters

José R. Oliver and Colin McEwan The Caribbean before Columbus: Fray Ramon Pané and the Taíno Religious Universe

Daniela Bognolo The Animal at the Heart of Identity: An Encounter with Tussian Culture in Burkina Faso

Constantin Petridis Is it a Mortar or Is it a Charm? A Luluwa Caryatid Container

Nigel Barley My Sociological Year

Anne-Claire Juramie Jewellery of Nepal. Three Necklaces in the Barbier-Mueller Collections

Arlette Ziegler and Alain Viaro Nias… Thirty Years of Adventure!

Proceedings of the Conference Organized in Partnership with the Musée d’Ethnographie of Geneva

· Roberta Colombo Dougoud A Budding Anthropologist in Papua New Guinea

· Christian Kaufmann The Representation of Oceania before 1914. Towards a History of Collections and Collectors

· Ludovic Coupaye Experiencing Spaces: The Tëkët frieze of the Abelam

· Philippe Peltier Masks and Canoes of the Murik Lake

Roger Boulay Ornemental Assegais of New Caledonia

Laurence Mattet Museum’s Activitie

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller Confidentially Yours

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