Oket et l’oiseau géant


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The Ethno-tale told by Lola the adventurer

Based on the myth of the Kayapo Indians of Amazonia collected by Gustaaf Verswijver, adapted for children by Pascal Conicella, illustrated by Helder Da Silva.

Oket only dreamed of one thing: to go hunting with the big men of the village to show his bravery and to be able to help feed his clan. But Imo, his father, wanting to protect him, asked him to accompany his grandmother to the field, as she was too old to go alone. Oket was proud of this responsibility. While the grandmother picked cassava roots, Oket watched the surroundings. Suddenly, a shadow passed overhead and when he looked up, he saw a giant bird flying right at them. Trying to escape, Oket dropped his bow and barely managed to hide in a bush. Unfortunately, the grandmother, who no longer had Oket’s agility, was caught and carried away by the giant bird.

Discover here the legend told by the great chief Raoni: https://youtu.be/GMupFxRnkhQ

For children aged 6 to 10. 44 pages.

The series

Lola is a little adventurer who never misses an opportunity to go in search of mysterious events that have taken place in the remote regions of our beautiful planet. With each of her adventures, she returns to tell us about her discoveries.

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