Gazourou et l’Esprit de la forêt


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The Ethno-tale told by Lola the adventurer

Inspired by a Kuya tale from the Ivory Coast, based on an idea by Denis Ramseyer, adapted for children by Pascal Conicella and Pascal Montjovent, illustrated by Helder Da Silva.

The great forest around the village has disappeared, and with it many animals. In order to bring it back to life as luxuriant as it was in his grandparents’ time, young Gazourou and his friends follow his grandfather’s advice. They go deep into what remains of the Sacred Forest, in search of the Spirit of the Forest.

A tale full of hope in the heart of the Ivory Coast.

For children from 6 to 10 years old. 44 pages.

The series

Lola is a little adventurer who never misses an opportunity to go in search of mysterious events that have taken place in the remote regions of our beautiful planet. With each of her adventures, she returns to tell us about her discoveries.

To be published in the same series:

  • Bouéré et les monstres de la forêt. Among the Yohoure people of central Côte d’Ivoire
  • Sona Lamu petite fille intrépide du Lac Lugu. Among the Na of Lijiazui (in the Yunnan region of China)

Already published in the same series :

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