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Antiquity, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Americas

Annual magazine. Anthology of Non-Western arts, texts by various specialists.

304 pages, 268 colour illustrations and 50 black and white illustrations.

Published by the Musée Barbier-Mueller.


Laurence Mattet: Editorial

Christian Grappe: The Place and Role of Sacrifices and Offerings in the Bible, and the Relative Importance It Grants to the Shedding of Blood

Dominique Jaillard: Greece, a Sacrificial Culture

Floriane Morin: In the Footsteps of Clément-Marie Biazin (1924–1981): Words and Colours of a Painter-Philosopher from the Central African Republic

Michelle Cros: From One Toulou, the Other: The Sacrificial Journey of a Lobi Fetish

Sandro Capo Chichi: Seats, Blood Sacrifices and Skulls among the Akan, Ewe and Fon of West Africa

Estelle Niklès van Osselt and Marie Orsi: The Story of an Eared Bowl

Clément Jacquemoud: The Return of the “Ice Maiden”: A Mummy Sows Unrest in the Altai Republic (Southern Siberia, Russian Federation)

Georges Breguet: Sumba: Rites, Offerings and Sacrifices

Petty Benitez Johannot: Site of Commerce and Authenticity:A Kalasag Shield from the Kalinga of Northern Luzon

Christian Coiffier: Human Dwellings, Spirit Dwellings: Sepik River Valley (Papua New Guinea)

Sylvie Peperstraete: Chalchiuhtlicue, or “Jade Skirt”: The Aztec Goddess of Water and Fertility Rites

Stéphen Rostain: The Amazonian Past, Having Been Sacrificed on the Altar of Forgetfulness, Is Finally Honoured

Michael Gunn: The Hole in the Middle: Did Malagan Evolve from Lapita?

Kirk Huffman: “Blad i mas ron”: “Blood must flow”, Pigs, Souls, Sacrifice, Status and Eternity in Northern Vanuatu, South-West Pacific

Nigel Barley: Notes and Queries

Lionel Obadia: “Love Locks”: New Urban Aesthetic or Magical Practice?

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