A bronze horse

06 October 2020

In the imagery of the Indo-Europeans, in the early Iron Age, the horse played a considerable role.

The Greek style known as « geometric » thus gave us many horses, sometimes perched on a rectangular base, sometimes without a pedestal, and sometimes used as ornaments for an object or piece of furniture.

Here, it was a question of decorating a large cauldron on a stand, whose handles in the shape of circles were surmounted by bronze horses. They were fixed with rivets.

Horse figure, Greek civilization, Greece.
Horse figure, Greek civilization, Greece. Bronze. Height: 8.5 cm. INV. 202-103. Musée Barbier-Mueller. Photo Studio Ferrazini Bouchet

To learn more about this object, please download the catalogue entry by Alain Pasquier published in Le profane et le divin, arts de l’Antiquité. Fleurons du musée Barbier-Mueller.