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Geneva: Art from Antiquity, Africa, Asia and Oceania

Founded in 1977, the Museum is situated in the heart of the Old Town of Geneva. Its aim is to preserve, study, and publish a collection begun by Josef Mueller in 1907 and carried on to this day by his heirs.

Today the collection contains over 7,000 articles and includes works of art from Tribal and Classical Antiquity as well as sculptures, fabrics and ornaments from "primitive" civilisations around the world. Many of these works are considered to be unqualified masterpieces.

The Barbier-Mueller Museum has gained international acclaim through its itinerant exhibitions, its loans to other museums, and the publication of numerous catalogues and art books. It has three main points of distinction:

  • The collection began after the First World War, which accounts for the great many "historical" artefacts that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • This collection is the largest in the world.
  • The Museum constantly publishes new material to accompany its exhibitions throughout the world (in 85 museums in 25 years).