Arts & Cultures 2017 – #18 – EN


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Laurence Mattet: Editorial

Sarah Lombardi: Dubuffet and the Barbus Müller

Dimitri Karadimas, André Delpuech, Stéphen Rostain: Girls, Bats and Chrysalises: The Unique Pre-Columbian Art of the Venezuelan Andes

Stéphen Rostain: From the Moon to the Earth: The Kichwa Women Potters of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Jean-Marie Hosatte: Touareg Rock

Gustaaf Verswijver: The Nyalokwat Head Decoration of the Jiye of South Sudan

Daniela Bognolo: A “Lobi” Statue, Witness to the Old Teébò-Wiilé Alliance: The Thílkõtín

Nigel Barley: An Igala Helmet-Mask frm Nigeria

Julien Volper: A Headrest by the Master of the Large Cascade Coiffure

Alain-Michel Boyer: Africa and the Permanence of the Immaterial

Alain Viaro: Nias Forty Years Later …

Georges Breguet: From Plant to Cloth under the Ancestors’ Protection

Nigel Barley: Ramblings Portfolio: 40 Unpublished Objects for 40 Years of the Musée Barbier-Mueller

Isabella Bozsa: One of a kind: A Dikoki Statue of Cameroon

Max Lobe: The King’s Stool

Confidentially Yours Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller: What If This Were an Introduction?

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