Arts & Cultures 2004 – #5 – EN

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Antiquity, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Americas

Annual magazine. Anthology of Non-Western arts, texts by various specialists.

300 pages, 224 colours and B/W illustrations, 7 maps.

Published by Musée Barbier-Mueller and Somogy Editions d’art.

Distributed by Art Stock.


Emmanuel Anati The Symbolism of Prehistoric Art p. 36.

Michel Carrier Ötzi, The Mummy out from the Cold p. 46.

Jean-Louis Zimmermann From Security Pin to Dress Brooch p. 60.

Christoph Uehlinger A 6000 Year-Old Basalt “Idol” p. 78.

Anna Casas In the Heart of Barcelona: the Barbier-Mueller Museum of Pre-Columbian Art p. 93.

Helmut Schindler Masks of the Upper Amazon p. 100.

Beatriz de la Fuente Head Number 8 from San Lorenzo: An Example of Olmec Humanism p. 115.

Manuel A. Jordán Pérez Chikwekwe: Hornbill Mask of the Chokwe p. 127.

David Berliner (Re)discovering Landuma Masks (Boké, Guinea-Conakry) p. 134.

Three Views on an African Masterpiece:
Monique Barbier-Mueller Encounter p. 146.

Louis Perrois The Mbédé Ancestor of the “Abolo Master”. A Masterpiece of African Art in its Historical, Social and Stylistic Context p. 150.

David Berliner The Mbédé Today p. 166.

Ian Glover Decorated Bronze Urns: Splendid Enigmas From Southeast Asian Later Prehistory p. 172.

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller Miquel Barceló: Dogon in the Balearics p. 194.

Rémi Labrusse Primitive Miró p. 206.

Nigel Barley Visions of Paradise p. 220.

Monique Barbier-Mueller A Miracle, African-Style p. 232.

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller Confidentially Yours

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