Arts & Cultures 2003 – #4 – EN

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Antiquity, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Americas

Annual magazine. Anthology of Non-Western arts, texts by various specialists.

310 pages, 195 colour and B/W illustrations, 10 maps.

Published by Musée Barbier-Mueller and Vilo Publishing.

Monique Barbier-Mueller Facets of Bob Wilson p. 35.

Michel Carrier An Adventurer in Clogs: A Chat with Guy Joussemet p. 42.

Laurence Mattet In the Intimacy of a Collector: George Ortiz p. 60.

Laurence Mattet Interview with Christian Deydier. Dangers of the Unidroit Convention p. 72.

Charles-Edouard Duflon The Future is Bleak for Swiss Museums p. 78.

Pierre Amiet Ancient Art of Elamite and Trans-Elamite Iran p. 80.

Simone Scheers Celtic Coins in the Barbier-Mueller Collection p. 92.

Dunja Hersak On the Popular and Powerful in Songye Creativity p. 120.

Dirk Smidt Korwar: Powerful Images of the Dead in New Guinea p. 140.

Bernar Venet Reveries of a Solitary Artist. Nok, Sokoto, and the Silence of “Rudimentary Knowledge” p. 163.

Henri Stierlin The Royal Cult of Antiochus I in Nemrud Dagi. Rituals of Salvation and the “Communion” of the Faithful p. 168.

Suzanne Preston Blier Fertility: Representing Regeneration in Art p. 183

Chantal Delbreuve Birth of the Cultural Image Bank p. 211

Confidentially Yours

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller A Half Century of Temptations p. 250.

From “Arts premiers” to “Fareaway Art” p. 262.

My Guardian Angel p. 268.

Falsitransformations p. 272.

Farewell to Douglas Newton p. 276.

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