This harpoon was certainly among the fortuitous discoveries made in hoards at various sites in northern India. Since 1822, when a harpoon was uncovered in Bithoor, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, some fifteen hundred metal pieces have been found in northern Rajasthan, southern Haryana, Doab (Uttar Pradesh), and Chota Nagpur, but also in Ghangaria in Madhya Pradesh.

In addition to harpoons and anthropomorphic figures, flat axes, ingots, spearheads, and swords were buried, for reasons that specialists have not yet clearly established. The presence of weapons has fostered the hypothesis that it was hunter-gatherers who produced such hoards. In prehistoric times, the marshes of the Ganges and Yamuna alluvial plain, now drained, were hunting spots for Ganges crocodile and porpoises.