Fibule de type passementerie à spirales multiples

Fibula of the passementerie type, with multiple spirals

Bronze fibula belonging to the Posamenteriefibeln group, composed of a “violin bow” body decorated with spirals in bronze wire. The main spiral is structurally part of the fibula, whereas the two lateral rows of spirals were fashioned separately and fixed onto the bow. The result looks like a feat of metallurgy. This type of fibula is typical of the group named after the Gyermely hoard, which contains an example of it. The fibula in the Barbier-Mueller Museum is in good condition, suggesting that it originated from the same find as the other objects in the collection, which display the same patina and a great deal of typological and chronological coherence [1].

Published in: Barbier-Mueller 2003, p. 36.

[1Bibliography: Mozsolics 1985.