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Arts & Cultures 2006

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Antiquity, Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas

Annual magazine. Anthology of Non-Western arts, texts by various specialists.

352 pages, 256 colour and black and white illustrations, 15 maps.

Published by Musée Barbier-Mueller and Somogy Editions d'art.

Michel Carrier 2500 Years Ago... An Ice Maiden in Siberia p. 36.

Emmanuel Anati Parable of the Mask p. 54.   

Jean-Louis Zimmermann Anatolia in the Age of Bronze: Solar Disks from Hatti p. 74.

Emma Bunker Northern China in the First Millenium B.C. Beifang Artifacts as Historical Document p. 90.

Santiago Uceda Castillo Huaca de la Luna in Peru. Moche Ritual Sacrifice p. 124.   

Frank Willett A Chapter of Accidents. Archaeological Discoveries p. 144.

Floriane Morin The Kingdoms of Ife and Benin p. 156.

John Picton A Yoruba Mask and Its Sculptural Sources p. 158.

Pierre Amrouche Aristide Courtois, the Bungalow Burner p. 180.

Pierre Amrouche Eight Masks Await Their Makers p. 190.

Georges Breguet Life and Death of Tamu Rambu Yuliana, Sumba Princess p. 200.

Nguyên Viet Bronze Situla of Dông Son p. 234.    

Pieter Meyers Cast by Piece-Mould Technology p. 264.   

Anna Bennett Cast by Lost-Wax Technology p. 268.

Catherine and Michel Orliac On Intimate Terms with a Moai Miro from Easter Island p. 272.

Gilles Bounoure, Patrice Alain Jacques Viot in Korwar Country, West Papua p. 284.

Nigel Barley Gap Year p. 300.   

Monique Barbier-Mueller Piero Manzoni's "Merda d'Artista" p. 306.   

Claude Lévi-Strauss Anthropology and National Identity p. 308.

Confidentially Yours

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller Trash or Treasure? p. 320.

The Shadow People p. 325.

We, the Happy Few! p. 333.

Arman, Farewell My Friend p. 340.

Friends Visiting Us. Us Visiting Friends p. 342.